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Opening Advanced school of Mammography in Brasil

On Monday, April 16, 2012, the Advanced Mammography school was opened. This school was set-up by “Barretos Cancer Hospital” in cooperation with, among others, the LRCB.

LRCB cooperates with this hospital since 2009 to improve and safeguard the quality of their breast cancer screening program. Radiographers, radiologists and a health technician of the Brazilian hospital came to the Netherlands and have been trained by staff from the LRCB. The lrcb vision is: Train the Trainer. In this way, the trained workers transfer their knowledge to colleagues. This has been done in recent years and now they take one step further. They bring the knowledge to students who join the school of Advanced Mammography. In Brasilian the “Nucleo de Mamografia”. Last Monday was the first course was launched for laboratory technicians already working in the mammography but need an update of knowledge. Prior to the start there was a grand opening with all cooperating parties present and holding speeches. Piet van Kalken, director of the LRCB, has given a speech via videoconference. His message was that he believed the quality a breast cancer screening programs throughout the world can and should be the same. Equipment should work perfectly and be tested regularly and radiologists and lab technicians should be trained and retrained specifically for screening. However, how people learn and how they can become motivated is not the same around the world; that is culturally determined. Hence the LRCB collaboration with the Advanced Mammography school. This is a way to pool knowledge and culture.
Images of the opening can be found here. More information about the Advanced School of Mammography can be found here.

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