The Dutch expert centre for screening is a knowledge driven organization. We aim for optimal medical and physico-technical quality of screening programmes. Our experts both supervise and contribute. The LRCB optimizes and guarantees knowledge, methods and technology. In this way we continuously improve the quality of early diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

Working at LRCB?
At LRCB there are 35 experts working on medical imaging, physics and epidemiology screening. We are a learning organization where different disciplines work together with a focus on quality. We do this in an informal setting, with respect for each other and a focus on improvement. Our modern office is located at the Wijchenseweg in Nijmegen.

At this time there are no vacancies.

The LRCB is an independent foundation, which is contracted for quality assurance and optimization of screening programmes. The foundation consists of a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board. On the subject of scientific policy, a Scientific Advisory Committee supports the Board of Directors. The LRCB registered office is located in Nijmegen.

Board of Directors:

  • Prof. Dr. R.M. Pijnappel
  • Drs. P.J.F. van Kalken

Supervisory Board:

  • Dr. A. van Staa, chair
  • Prof. Dr. W.P.Th.M. Mali
  • Drs. M.J.P. Steinbusch
  • Prof. Dr. P. van Diest

Additional functions of members of the Supervisory Board:
We attach great importance to transparency and good governance. If you are interested in the additional positions of the members of the Supervisory Board, you can request them from the secretary of the Board of Directors.

Scientific Advisory Committee:

  • Dr. M.B.I. Lobbes, radioloog, UMC Maastricht
  • Dr. H.M. Verkooijen, epidemioloog, UMC Utrecht
  • Dr. J.H.G. Klinkenbijl, chirurg-oncoloog, Gelre ziekenhuis
  • Drs. E. van Leeuwen, huisarts, huisartsenpraktijk Het Duyfken Almere

Questions or more info?

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