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In cooperation with the Health Evidence (HEV) department of the Radboudumc Nijmegen, several research projects take place which investigate the effect of breast cancer screening.

Tailor-made screening
In September 2014 in Groningen, within the North Screening Programme, the Personalised RISk-based MAmmascreening (PRISMA) study started. It examines the added value of ‘personalised screening’. We also investigate the acceptability of ‘personalised screening’ for women and medical specialists, and the role of ethical, psychological, legal, logistic and financial aspects.

90.000 questionnaires
We ask women to fill out a questionnaire on internet, and permession to store the X-rays, to measure the breast tissue density. We also ask for three blood samples, to determine hormones, proteins and DNA. In the first few months of the study, 1200 women participated. We aim for 90.000 questionnaires and X-rays, and we want to take blood samples from 27.000 women.

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