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The image quality of imaging systems is commonly expressed using physical characteristics like contrast, sharpness and noise. But it is difficult to translate such characteristics to clinical image quality: the diagnostic potential of images.

STW grant
Exact and practial techniques are required to quantify clinical image quality. For this undeveloped field of research, the LRCB and the Radiology department of the Leiden University Medical Center received a grant from the STW Open Technology Programme. In this study, both organizations work in close cooperation with the AMC Amsterdam and the Radboudumc Nijmegen.

Assess clinical image quality
In full, the CLUES project is called Clinical image quality assessment: bridging the gap between physical measurements and clinical performance in medical imaging. The project develops models to assess the interrelation of image quality and the clinical task. To this end, it describes methods that use computer models of the human observer (model observers), combined with phantoms that mimic breast anatomy in images (anthropomorphic phantoms).

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