Type approval

If a supplier wants to introduce a new system in the Dutch screening, then the LRCB first has to subject it to a series of tests: the type approval.

The imaging equipment listed here has passed the digital type test. The systems have been checked according to the Measurement Protocol Acceptance Test. For suppliers, this protocol is available upon request, from the LRCB. The test report itself is available upon request, from the supplier.

Mammograph systems

  • Lorad Selenia, with molybden anode
  • Lorad Selenia, with tungsten anode
  • IMS Giotto, with tungsten anode
  • General Electric Senographe Essential
  • Siemens Inspiration
  • Hologic Selenia Dimensions 2D
  • Fujifilm Amulet F/S
  • Fujifilm Innovality 2D

CR systems

  • FujiFilm FCR Profect CS (HR-BD screens)
  • Philips PCR Eleva-Cosima X (HR-BD screens)
  • Agfa CR 85-X with MM3.0 Mammo cassettes


  • Array 2905 combined with DICOM pro net
  • R2 DigitalNow Dmax

Thorax systems
Existing equipment is already in use in the TB screening. Type approval is pending. These tests will be performed in due course.